EU-stoomwals vermorzelt Griekse democratie

De onderstaande transcriptie van de toespraak die Varoufakis vorige week in Berlijn heeft gehouden is absoluut het lezen waard en laat mooi zien hoe de ‘Europese droom’ voor de Grieken is geëindigd in een nachtmerrie. De Grieken zijn niet langer baas in hun eigen land. Dat is wat hun Minister van Financiën zelf zegt. EU-technocraten en niet de Griekse bevolking sturen de Griekse regering aan. Lees en huiver.

From the first day in office I have been making a simple proposal to our partners, in the Eurogroup and elsewhere: Given that we have been elected to challenge the program that you believe in, and which you want us to abide by, the negotiations will be protracted. Let us negotiate in good faith. But, also, let us agree in the meantime, as quickly as possible, on a number of reforms that we all agree are absolutely necessary and which the previous governments refused to implement. Let us pass through our Parliament three or four, commonly agreed, bills that deal with tax evasion, that set up an fully independent tax authority, that strike a blow at corruption, that reform the income tax code, that regulate and tax television channels etc. etc. Let us implement immediately these reforms while the ‘larger’, ‘comprehensive’ negotiation continues.
The answer I received was unequivocal: “No! You must not pass anything through Parliament until and unless the complete review of the Greek Program is successfully completed. Any such legislation will be considered to be unilateral action and will jeopardise your relation with the institutions.”

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