You want EU facts? We Eurosceptics have got 1000 pages of them

EU enthusiasts want a fact-based debate. They should practise what they preach.

As Parliament winds down for the summer and MPs head back to their constituencies, debates around Britain’s future in or outside the European Union only show signs of heating up. A new group seeking the mantle of the “In campaign” launched on Monday and marked its arrival on the scene by calling for a “fact-based” discussion around what Britain’s future relationship with the European Union should look like.

At Business for Britain, we welcome any calls for a fact-based debate in this often highly-charged issue (in fact, we set out over 1,000 pages of them here). However, it seems that, even though they’ve only been established a few days, the “In campaign” seem to be breaking their own golden rule already. By pledging to give a voice to those who want to keep “Britain in Europe”, they seem to be asserting that leaving an unreformed EU (a set of institutions) is equivalent to divorce from Europe (a geographical land mass).

Given the presence of such an elementary error so early on in the campaign’s existence, it is probably worth undertaking a brief overview of some other prominent myths peddled by the “in at all costs” crowd which may rear their heads in the run up to the referendum.

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