Nigel Farage reveals he will quit politics… once he’s has UK out EU

  • UKIP leader reveals ambitions ahead of European election results
  • Party is expected to gain more than 20 MEPs – a historic victory
  • Farage says idea of Tory majority at next General Election is ‘a fantasy’
  • He added that he plans to retire from politics by the time he turns 60
  • Aged 50 now, Farage hopes to have Britain out the EU within a decade

Rampant Nigel Farage aims to destroy the Tory Party, take over a new Right-wing British political party, get Britain out of the EU – and then quit politics. The UKIP leader’s breathtaking ambition, revealed in an interview with The Mail on Sunday, comes hours before he is set to achieve a historic victory in the European elections. The results from Thursday’s polling, announced today, are expected to show UKIP will have gained more than 20 MEPs, more than the Conservatives, with the possibility of a total wipeout of all Lib Dem MEPs.

Mr Farage rejects claims by David Cameron that UKIP’s challenge will fade away in next year’s General Election, and says today’s gains mark the beginning of the end of the Conservative Party. He aims to repeat the destruction two decades ago of Canada’s Conservative Party, when the rebel Right-wing Reform Party, compared by many to UKIP, sparked a political earthquake.n
In an interview with this newspaper earlier in the campaign, Mr Farage said a Canadian-style Tory meltdown ‘could happen’ here – and compared attacks on him to those on Reform Party leader Preston Manning and Reform’s first Canadian MP, schoolteacher Deborah Grey.

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